Sinus Lift

What is Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift adds more bone to your jaw to provide the strength and thickness needed for the attachment of a dental implant. You may be in a hurry to replace missing teeth for cosmetic and functional reasons, but it requires sufficient bone. If your teeth have been gone for a while, your jawbone may have receded to close the gap. An oral surgeon can perform a sinus augmentation to provide enough room for new teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Sinus Lift Surgery?

Missing teeth or an enlarged sinus can cause bone reduction in your jaw. This impacts physical function and appearance. To correct these impairments, and allow the addition of dental implants, pockets need to be made by an oral surgeon to add sufficient bone structure around the sinus. Once the bone graft is healthy and strong, you can schedule your dental implant procedure. This can take between four and nine months.

Before your oral surgery in Las Vegas, your doctor will perform an X-ray to evaluate your sinus health prior to your procedure.

How is Sinus Lift Surgery Done?

If you qualify for a sinus lift, here is how your oral surgeon will add bone between your jaw and sinuses to make space for your artificial teeth:

  • The oral surgeon will cut the gum tissue back around the area of the future dental implant.
  • Through a hole made in the exposed bone, the oral surgeon will push the sinus membrane up and pack in new bone. If the sinus is punctured or torn, it will be stitched during surgery.
  • Bone gets packed into the new void where the sinus had been. The bone will come from your own body (typically the hip or tibia), a cadaver’s donated bone tissue, or cow bone.
  • The oral surgeon will sew up the tissue. The bone graft will harden and fuse with your native bone.

After the procedure, your oral surgeon may prescribe medication to prevent congestion and infection.

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