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What Is a Board Certified Oral Surgeon?
Las Vegas, NV

American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Logo at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery in Las Vegas, NVYou may have heard of the term “board certified” in reference to certain dental specialists, such as oral surgeons. While it may sound official, can any oral surgeon be board certified? Is there any real difference between an oral surgeon that is board certified and one that is not? We know you have questions, so Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery is here to answer them.

Why Board Certification Is Important

Believe it or not, but there is an actual board that does the certifying of oral surgeons, and not just any oral surgeon gets to be certified. Certification is the responsibility of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, or ABOMS, an organization of those recognized as the premier oral surgery specialists by the American Dental Association. ABOMS is important because it sets a central standard for all oral surgery. Oral surgery can range from tooth extraction, to the placement of dental implants, and treatments for sleep apnea.

Getting Certified as an Oral Surgeon

Every oral surgeon in every dentist’s office in America has a university degree and a license from their state. Far fewer oral surgeons are actually board certified like ours are. Board certification is a peer reviewed process, meaning that certified oral surgeons have to impress a panel of their most accomplished peers. They do this by achieving excellent scores on both oral and written tests. This can take years, and that is after they have already completed their normal education and residency.

Staying Board Certified

One of the major reasons that being board certified is such a big deal is that ABOMS requires its oral surgeons to continually demonstrate their excellence. Because the field of dentistry is evolving so rapidly, with new discoveries and new treatments being pioneered almost daily, oral surgeons have to constantly stay abreast of recent developments. While ABOMS requires recertification every ten years, their oral surgeons are expected to take the initiative to continually educate themselves by attending gatherings of their peers, such as conventions, seminars, and lectures.

How Can a Board Certified Oral Surgeon Help You?

You should choose a board certified oral surgeon for the same reason you take the time to carefully choose any of your healthcare providers - because you want the absolute best for your health. When you decide to consult with a board certified oral surgeon, you are consulting with a dental professional who has met the most exacting standards in their field, bar none. You know that you will be talking to an oral surgeon who possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of all the newest science and studies, so that you can get a professional opinion from someone that is truly an expert.

Meet With One of Our Board Certified Oral Surgeons

Before embarking on treatment as complex or long-term as surgery, you should always get the opinion of an expert that you can trust. That is why all of our oral surgeons are board certified, so you can be assured that you are receiving the best and latest in dentistry expertise. To consult with one of Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery’s board certified oral surgeons, call (702) 329-7554 today!

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