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Risks of Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth
Las Vegas, NV

Young woman smiling after wisdom teeth removal from Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery in Las Vegas, NVOur staff at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery promotes retaining and restoring teeth whenever possible. We never take the extraction of a tooth lightly. As an oral surgeon, we will only advise the removal of a tooth when it negatively impacts your oral health. This belief is still true when it comes to maintaining or removing your third row of molars, known as your wisdom teeth.

Increasingly, patients are questioning the extraction of their wisdom teeth, and if it is necessary. Like many of you, we maintain that minimal interference is best and surgery should never be taken lightly. Wisdom teeth extraction is a common dental surgery because of the problems that occur from keeping them and the timing of their removal can make a difference. We generally recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth due to:
•  Late Arrival: The wisdom teeth are the last set of permanent teeth to erupt from the gums. Oftentimes, the other teeth have already moved into their positioning and left inadequate spacing for the late arriving wisdom teeth.
•  Overcrowding: The biggest problem for wisdom teeth is the lack of room to move into correct positioning. Studies tell us that the jaw bone has decreased in size over the evolutionary process and there is no longer sufficient room for this final set of molars.
•  Being Impacted: An impacted tooth is a tooth that can not move into their positioning correctly. An impacted tooth may be entirely unable to move, partially, or even just slightly unable to fully move into position. Any level of impaction increases the risk of developing disease or infection.
•  Disease: Even if the tooth was able to correctly move into positioning, wisdom teeth are at greater risk of developing disease due to their distant positioning. In general, they are much more difficult to clean through brushing and flossing, as well as plaque and debris are better able to hide.

Most family dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon, such as our office, for the removal of your wisdom teeth. As oral and maxillofacial surgeons we continue our education to include specialized surgical training. We then equip our staff and office with the necessary tools to increase success.

Are There Risks in Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth?

This can be a difficult answer to provide to our patients, because we generally remove wisdom teeth before they become problematic. Yes, there are risks in keeping your wisdom teeth. Your third row of molars can cause severe havoc to your oral health. During your consultation, we factor in specific information about the patient, while making predictions based on the information we have collected, and applying knowledge from our training and expertise. In general, we will recommend the removal of wisdom teeth from a majority of our patients. It has been found to be an important step in maintaining long term oral health.
The risks of keeping your wisdom teeth can include:
•  Changes to your bite as neighboring teeth are pushed
•  The development of infection or disease that can spread
•  A more painful removal at an older age when the roots have grown longer

If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, contact us at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery at (702) 329-7554 to schedule a consultation.

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Risks Of Keeping Your Wisdom Teeth | Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery
If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, contact us at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery today to schedule a consultation.
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