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Trends in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Treatment

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Evan
Trends in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery TreatmentOver the past few decades, the field of Oral and maxillofacial surgery has taken some massive steps and breakthroughs to the invention of new technology and practice that have since been popularized and perfected. New techniques and technology have helped improve surgical outcomes and treatment. Increasing awareness of OMS due to social media influence has also made the faculty familiar to the public. This has influenced its usefulness and cleared the stereotypes surrounding oral surgery.

Some Trends in OMS Surgery

OMS surgeons have adopted major transformations in damaged tissue transplantation, bone grafting-techniques, and tissue engineering. During jaw surgery, reconstruction of jaw bone involves tissue transfer to ensure adequate support and structure. Currently, surgeons use vascularized material of the fibula flap, and dental prosthetics have ensured successful treatment and rehabilitation of facial appearance, bite, and speech.

Tissue engineering nowadays ensures growth. Body cells and stimulatory aspects are compared to ensure successful tissue transplantation. Bone grafting has evolved as surgeons now use bone grafting material that facilitates osseointegration. Bone grafts from natural teeth have recently proved to successfully maintain autogenous growth of the operated site and reduce allergic reactions.

Emerging technological advancements have aided surgical procedures, making them easier, more precise, and more successful. 3D imaging has helped create a precise treatment plan as surgeons better visualize the oral cavity. Laser technology has also helped in the treatment of cysts and tumors. Currently, OMS surgeons have adopted computer-aided surgery. Computer-aided navigation during surgery has enabled OMS procedures to be simple, accurate, and safe.

This technology follows strictly with the preoperative treatment plan of the surgeon. This technique has enabled surgeons the confidence to reach areas of difficulty. Computer-aided surgery is also expected to reduce the risks and surgery time. OMS surgery has also gained massive recognition through the media. News headlines have helped popularize the practice, and this has served as a boon for the specialty as the general public understands when they might need an OMS procedure.

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