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What Is Jaw Surgery?

If you have misalignment of the jaw and are experiencing medical conditions such as TMJ, jaw pain, and other problems, you may be a good candidate for jaw surgery. Jaw surgery can also improve your appearance by repositioning the jawbone and correcting any asymmetry of the face. This type of surgery is performed by one of our oral surgeons and may be combined with other procedures and treatments for even better results.


How Jaw Surgery Works

Your oral surgeon will perform a thorough evaluation of your jaw and facial structure during your consultation. Digital X-rays we take during this visit will give us a clear idea of where the misalignment is occurring and the extent of restricted movement.


Jaw surgery can be performed for both functional and cosmetic reasons, and will alter the position of the facial features. We can effectively rebalance the facial structure by shifting the jaw because jaw placement is linked to the nose, mouth, and cheeks. In some cases, we can perform jaw surgery in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to correct an overbite or under bite.


Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) may also be good candidates for jaw surgery. Symptoms include facial swelling, dizziness, earaches, and pain in the jaw. Our team can diagnose and treat TMJ with jaw surgery and other treatment if necessary.

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Jaw Surgery Transforms Smiles and Lives

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Jaw Surgery in Las Vegas, NV
Jaw Surgery in Las Vegas, NV
Jaw Surgery in Las Vegas, NV
Jaw Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

“My overall experience at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery was outstanding. I was very nervous about my procedure and Dr.Johnson and his wonderful staff assured me that everything would be just fine. The surgery went as promised and I have no complaints about the entire experience. Thank you all at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery for everything.”

Kennedy S.

Improved Appearance

Correcting misalignment of the jaw alters the position of the underlying facial structure to improve your appearance.

Eliminate Misalignment

It can reduce some of the symptoms associated with jaw misalignment, such as difficulty chewing, headaches, and locking of the jaw.

Improved Oral Health

Jaw surgery can also make it easier to care for your teeth and gums, making it easier to brush and floss.

Increased Self-Confidence

Jaw surgery improves your appearance and as a side effect, improves how you look and feel about yourself.