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Facial Trauma Services for Las Vegas Patients

We offer a range of advanced treatments and services for patients that may have been in an accident or those who have extensive injuries to the soft tissue, bone, and jaw. We can treat:

The majority of accidents and injuries involve the teeth. The teeth may be chipped or broken from a car accident, work-related injury, sports injury, or a trip and fall situation. If the tooth gets knocked out of the socket, it is even more important to come in for an emergency appointment. We encourage patients to preserve the tooth because it can be re-implanted by one of our oral surgeons. The tooth must be handled with care and ideally, packaged in a milk or saline solution.

Our maxillofacial specialist can correct any lacerations and wounds to the facial skin without causing damage to the nerves and salivary ducts.

Any injuries to the facial structure require the bones to be stabilized which typically involves wiring the jaws closed. Our surgeons may be able to secure the jaw with titanium screws or plates instead of wiring the jaw.

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About Facial Trauma

If you or a loved one has been in an accident or has any type of injury, you may need to see a facial trauma specialist in Las Vegas right away. Whether you are dealing with a knocked-out tooth or damaged facial nerves, our board certified oral and facial surgeons and specialists can put together a treatment plan to treat soft tissue injuries, bone injuries, and dental injuries quickly and conveniently. Our flexible scheduling options allow us to take care of emergency situations without stress!

Facial Trauma Reconstruction