Official Oral & Facial Surgeons Of The Vegas Golden Knights

Official Oral & Facial Surgeons Of The Vegas Golden Knights

We like to advocate that our patients come to our practice to enjoy a high standard of care not found anywhere else. But lately, our talents have extended to the ice.

We’re proud to say that Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery was selected as the official oral and facial surgeon provider of the Vegas Golden Knights.

With constant collision, direct facial trauma is not only a risk in hockey it’s guaranteed. Our unparalleled professionalism, timely results, and trusted quality are a perfect fit for one of the roughest sports out there.

Aggressive sports lead to aggressive injuries. Hockey players all too often experience horrific damage to teeth and supporting structures, which can cause instability or displacement of these features, and even loss of ventilation or speech.

When only half of players wear mouthguards, it means just as many players are susceptible to dire facial trauma as part of the sport. So, when face masks and fellow players can’t protect an athlete, Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery becomes their next line of defense.

If a flying puck or jabbing elbow hits a player in the wrong spot, it can shatter their facial bones, jaws and teeth. The severity of impact has been compared to slamming your face on the steering wheel or dashboard in a car crash.

Despite the potentially devastating damage, athletes and their coaches need immediate repair and recovery for maximum play time. Our facial surgery experts face high pressure when performing emergency work on players to meet demands for fast care with minimal surgical intervention.

Hockey players are some of the toughest people in all of sports, but don’t be fooled. Despite players’ toughness, when a hockey stick or a player’s fist crushes the bones in an athlete’s face, same-game turnaround can’t always happen. The density of nerve endings present in the teeth and jaw make oral and facial injuries some of the most painful.

Our dental implant specialist and facial surgery experts specialize in reconstructive procedures for cosmetic and functional restoration. We thoroughly and carefully examine, and treat, players after facial trauma.

Proper responsive treatment ensures the best outcome. As one of only 10 practices in the world to perform dental implant procedures at such high volumes, Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery is prepared to act fast and rehabilitate any oral and facial trauma that occurs on the ice.

After stabilizing a sports injury, there may not even be any bone left to hold a tooth for immediate reinsertion. Our oral and facial surgeons are also capable of performing any necessary bone grafts to rebuild players’ structure for preparation of implants.

From facial lacerations, facial fractures, and missing teeth, to corrective jaw surgery, the board-certified oral and facial surgeons at our practice (and the rink) have treated their fair share of every conceivable injury.

No matter the mishaps, Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery makes sure hockey players are healed, injury-free, and ready for battle on the ice.

As the official oral and facial surgeon provider of the Vegas Golden Knights, you can trust that we provide the highest standard of care and acute sensitivity to pain from handling the worst of the worst. We offer a full range of procedures to apply to your treatment.

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