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Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery comprises a skilled group of board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons dedicated to providing exceptional care to the residents of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Certified Oral & Facial Surgeons In Las Vegas, Nevada

At Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we are delighted to offer top-notch dental and facial surgical services in Las Vegas. Our practice is renowned as the ultimate destination for a comprehensive range of procedures, all delivered with the highest standard of care.

Our team takes immense pride in their talent and expertise, ensuring that each patient receives unparalleled treatment. With unwavering attention to detail and a commitment to perfectionism, we guarantee that every individual leaves our office with a radiant and enduring smile that’s both healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Book your consultation today and witness how our exceptional team can transform your smile into a masterpiece that lasts a lifetime.

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Oral Surgery

At Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we are proud to offer premier oral surgery services in Las Vegas. From dental implants to a wide array of procedures, you can anticipate the utmost standard of care, resulting in a healthy and captivating smile that endures for a lifetime.

Dental Implants

Experience the epitome of dental implant services at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, where our seasoned surgeons deliver top-tier care, offering a long-lasting and natural-looking solution to replace missing teeth.

Sedation Options

Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery presents a range of sedation options expertly administered by our experienced surgical team, guaranteeing a comfortable and anxiety-free experience for all patients during their procedures.

Expertise and Experience that Sets Us Apart - Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery

Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery stands out with its distinctive blend of expertise and experience. With over two decades of practice, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons have finely honed their skills through advanced education, comprehensive training, and continuous certification programs.

Select Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery for the guarantee of receiving top-notch care from passionate professionals dedicated to your well-being.

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Melissa Clark-Hallock
Melissa Clark-Hallock

This was the first time my daughter went to such a big appointment without me. She is 19 and I had to work so her fiend took her to the appointment. I was a bit nervous for her to have all four of her wisdom teeth pulled. Dr. Johnson and his team, Loraine, Fabbi and Stephanie treated my kid just like their own.
She was done in a jiffy and now on day three is feeling fabulous.
I would definitely recommend this office for all of your dental needs. They treated my daughter wonderfully!

kayla silva
kayla silva

For someone who gets really nervous with simple doctor visits & check ups this place exceeded all expectations! I couldn’t have asked for better place to have done my Wisdom Teeth surgery, Dr. Johnson and his team were so nice and very welcoming from the moment I walked in for my surgery day. His assistant Madrine is genuinely the most sweetest person, she was super reassuring to me the whole time and telling me everything is going be okay. I remember waking up from the surgery and she was right beside me and comforting me that the procedure was over. She was super informative and told my driver everything they needed to do as in post op wise after my surgery. Wisdom Teeth recovery was no walk in the park for me and I loved that they had an emergency line I could contact over the weekend regarding any pain I was feeling or concerns I had since my surgery was on a Friday morning.
I recommend this office to everyone and anyone because they sure do make you feel at home.

Alexis Brewer
Alexis Brewer

Being part of the medical field I know what distinguishes a good doctor from a great one. Beyond pleased with my experience with every team member from reception to Dr. Johnson himself. I have a hectic schedule and their office made a valiant effort to see me at times that worked, and offering a virtual consultation was a game changer.

I had some issues with my insurance and their team was quick to take an active role is resolving it ASAP even though the issue was on my end, they had such a positive attitude and eager to help.

I even had a moment of panic post op that something might be wrong, the office took me in right away, assured me they were willing to answer any and all of my questions, and gave me the exact advice and steps I needed to feel better, and validated my concerns no matter how small they may have seemed.

While it may just sound like a couple minutes of the surgeon’s time, it meant a world of difference to have a provider care for his patients so personally and be invested in their recovery, not just their procedure - a truly rare find nowadays.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Olivia Kinzler
Olivia Kinzler

I had one impacted wisdom tooth I needed removed and was referred by my dentist to see them. Dr Johnson and his staff were absolutely amazing. I have a huge fear of anything medical or dental but they made me feel so comfortable. I can’t remember her name 100% but the lady who took me back and prepped me for my surgery helped me so much as I started to panic a bit. If I ever had to do this again I would go back for sure!

Andrea L.
Andrea L.

Dr. Johnson placed two implants in my mouth. Very smooth surgery, a scheduling snafu was quickly handled. Would definitely use again. Very friendly and professional office staffers. Thank you!

Michelle Nelson
Michelle Nelson

Dr. Johnson and his staff are AMAZING. ALL three of my children have had their wisdom teeth removed by him at the Warm Springs office. He and his assistant Melissa have gone above and beyond providing care and service to our family -- from the actual surgeries, to requesting records, and returning timely phone calls. This office and the people in it will definitely take care of you and make you feel like family! Nevada Oral and Facial will definitely make you smile! 🙂

Yvonn Hedman
Yvonn Hedman

Nevada Oral and Facial surgery has an amazing team of professionals. From the front office to the surgical team and all those in between! I have high anxiety when ever it comes to my teeth and this team of people are amazing at making me as comfortable as they possibly can. I wish I could remember everyone’s name as to give them all the credit they deserve. Karen was my nurse and I can’t express enough how incredibly patient she was with me. My bp was high and she was able to calm my nerves and my bp came down enough for surgery. I am grateful for Dr. Hunter and his patience with me and talking me through what was going to transpire, as it was so helpful to calm my nerves. I have been treated by this office once before however it was a while ago and I can’t remember the name of the of the doctor and nurse that took great care of me. I have at least one more visit with this wonderful team of lovely caring people. I would not only go back many times if needed, I would also recommend this team to ANYONE who needed to be treated for any treatment they provide. I am very grateful that there are still amazing caring professionals that truly care for their patient’s. Thank you Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery!

Dawn Becker
Dawn Becker

I've been to Nevada Oral and Facial for an implant, and teeth removals for my daughter. The staff could not be more caring. Dr. Johnson is the absolute best. I have terrible dental anxiety, he is kind and patient. I wouldnt trust anyone else.

Edward Giustiniani
Edward Giustiniani

Dr. Johnson is one of the most kind and compassionate doctors I have ever known. He is truly the best part of NOFS. Unfortunately can't say that with all of the staff (some were really good and some very so so) and hence the rating. On more than a few occasions I had to make multiple phone calls from staff failing to call back or follow-up as promised. I was also given incorrect information for my surgery date and had to spend an extra 2 hours at the hospital due to the error of an associate initial 'JG'. On another occasion I went in for a procedure and afterwards noticed a stain on my shirt and they said that I caused it during the procedure. Well, why didn't you take care of it as I was put under during the procedure. The stain had blood and left permanent damage to my shirt. I would recommend Dr. Johnson but be prepared to deal with less quality of service from some of the staff.