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Single Tooth Dental Implants

Las Vegas, NV A missing tooth can be frustrating, if not embarrassing. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, you may find changes in how you chew, your speech, or your smile. Even worse are the changes that you can’t see, or the changes that occur more slowly. We can provide you with options [...]

Multiple Tooth Dental Implants

Las Vegas, NV For millions of people with damaged or missing teeth, dental implants have turned out to be a long term and effective solution. Patients who have faced trauma, injury, decay, or other underlying health issues – damaged teeth can plague anyone. Depending on your situation, a dental surgeon may choose to recommend a few possibilities. No [...]

Digital X-Rays

When you think about dental x-rays, what immediately comes to mind? If you are like many people, you will think of taking the x-rays, then waiting for a while. When they are finally ready, someone will enter the dental office with a floppy sheet of film, then stick it up on a lighted board. If [...]

Planmeca 3D CT

Planmeca 3D CT PLANMECA And The ALARA Principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) We utilize Planmeca’s advanced imaging technology (digital CT scanner) to provide the best care and results for our patients. Planmeca follows the very best clinical values with their commitment to the “as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) radiation” principle. This keeps the [...]

Distraction Osteogenesis

Las Vegas, NV What Is Distraction Osteogenesis? Distraction osteogenesis is a facial reconstruction method to pull the existing bone apart. Instead of forcibly inserting a vacancy and filling it with other bone segments (bone graft), a distraction osteogenesis procedure uses a tool to draw two pieces of bone away from each other. New bone grows [...]

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Las Vegas, Nevada Many times people will seek the services of an oral surgeon to repair one or two teeth. It could also be a problem such as gums that need work. Sometimes, though, more than just a few small changes could be needed. Full mouth reconstruction can give you a whole new smile. This [...]

After Implant Placement

Las Vegas, NV Dental implants can do more than just replace teeth that have been lost. They can restore your smile and your confidence as well. From start to finish, dental implants can take several weeks or maybe even months to be complete. Here at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we will tell you what you [...]

About Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants? Dental implants, or metal posts surgically inserted underneath your gums, provide firm support for artificial teeth. Dental implants can restore your smile with long-lasting results. See Long-Lasting Results Once dental implants have been fused to the jawbone, they can last your entire lifetime without the need for replacement. If you are [...]

Dental Implant FAQ

Las Vegas, NV Dental implants have helped to restore the smiles of countless people, but there are also many questions when it comes to what implants are all about. Here at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we want to make sure that you are well informed. That way you will be able to tell whether [...]

Benefit Of Dental Implants

Las Vegas, NV Losing a tooth can lead to embarrassment. One of the ways that we can take care of tooth loss is with a dental implant. With an implant, we will give you a new tooth using a screw and a crown. It will look and feel just like a natural tooth. Here at [...]

How Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Las Vegas, NV Dental implants are the most common and successful restorative option for missing teeth today, whether it be single tooth dental implants, multiple tooth implants, implant supported dentures, or the All-on-4® Treatment Concept. Dental implants are made from small titanium posts which are embedded surgically into your jawbone. They contain a connector, or abutment, which is placed on [...]

Who Is A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Las Vegas, NV Dental implants are a great way to replace teeth that are missing. Many people who are suffering from tooth loss are great candidates for the procedure. If you are missing teeth, come in to Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery so that we can see if you are a good candidate for dental [...]

Implant Supported Dentures

Las Vegas, Nevada It can be devastating to live with tooth loss, but here at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery there are plenty of things that we can do to replace them. Often when someone is missing several or all of their teeth, dentures are the solution. The problem is that dentures are not without [...]

All On 4 Dental Implants

Las Vegas, NV What Are All-On-4 Dental Implants? All-on-4 dental implants act in the same way that traditional dental implants do but with one major difference: Our All-on-4 procedure only requires four implants per arch, resulting in a less invasive overall procedure. The surgeons of Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery use dental technology to perform this procedure virtually using [...]

Ridge Augmentation

Las Vegas, NV When a tooth is extracted, it is going to leave a hole in your jaw. Not only will the missing tooth be obvious, but it can leave your gum line looking sullen and empty. Over time, after a tooth has been extracted, you will also start to lose bone on your jaw. [...]

Sinus Lift

Las Vegas, NV What Is Sinus Lift? A sinus lift adds more bone to your jaw to provide the strength and thickness needed for the attachment of a dental implant. You may be in a hurry to replace missing teeth for cosmetic and functional reasons, but it requires sufficient bone. If your teeth have been gone [...]

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is now being discussed more often and increasingly people are realizing they suffer from it. In fact, it is the most common sleep disorder in the US. Estimates predict that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, though only about 20% of cases are diagnosed. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea can be [...]

TMJ Treatment And Surgery

Las Vegas, NV What Is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)? If you have any serious problems with the jaw, jaw joint, and the muscles that control movement of the jaw, you may be diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ. Our doctors can help make some adjustments to your bite to help correct the alignment. Misaligned [...]

Platelet Rich Plasma

Your own body has incredible healing properties. One thing that is especially good at healing is your blood. That is why when you cut yourself, a scab will form almost immediately. Your blood will start to work right away to heal you. That is what platelet rich plasma is all about. It is a way [...]

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is also known as maxillofacial pathology or oral maxillofacial pathology. It is a pretty broad term. It goes beyond basic cleanings and filling cavities. Oral pathology deals with finding diseases and conditions that can affect the teeth, jaw, mouth, and face. Here at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we want to do whatever [...]

Facial Fracture Treatment

What Is Facial Fracture? A facial fracture refers to any broken bones in the face or mouth. Fractures are caused by blunt, sharp, sudden trauma. Because the bones of the face are delicate, they’re easily disfigured. Unfortunately, they’re also an open target in sports, car accidents, and assault, so facial fractures are common. Our facial [...]

Jaw Surgery

What Is Jaw Surgery? If you have misalignment of the jaw and are experiencing medical conditions such as TMJ, jaw pain, or other problems, you may be a good candidate for jaw surgery. Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, can also improve your appearance by repositioning the jawbone and correcting any asymmetry of the face. This [...]

Cosmetic Surgery

Las Vegas, NV At Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we understand that there is a strong connection between looking good and feeling good. One way we help our patients look their best is with cosmetic surgery. With the advancement of technology and techniques, cosmetic surgery is less invasive than ever before. Our office is uniquely [...]

Dental Trauma

Las Vegas, NV Dental trauma can happen for many different reasons. Some of the common things that can cause dental trauma are falls and car accidents. Dental trauma also occurs in sports. A mouthguard can help to protect the teeth during a sporting event, but not every athlete wears one. A mouthguard is not infallible, [...]

Cleft Lip And Palate

Las Vegas, NV What Is Cleft Lip? Cleft lip is a common facial deformity that develops between the 4th and 7th weeks of pregnancy, when an infant’s face is shaping. As the infant’s cells grow toward each other, some don’t properly fuse together. This can create a visual opening or cleft in a newborn’s face [...]

Bone Grafting

Las Vegas, NV If you lose a tooth, you will lose more than just the actual tooth. When a tooth is missing, it will also affect your jaw. Without the tooth there, your body will start what is known as regeneration. This means that your body will start to absorb the bone that has been [...]

Gum Grafting

Las Vegas, NV Your gums are an essential part of your mouth, playing important roles in your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. The gum tissue sits tight against your teeth, providing a protective seal against bacterial invasion. When your gums recede, both your oral health and your smile are greatly affected. At [...]

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Las Vegas, NV A common dental treatment involves the removal of your wisdom teeth. It is most often completed by an oral surgeon because of our training and experience in surgical procedures. Our staff at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery can evaluate, discuss and provide the treatment needed, if needed, based on you as an individual. [...]

Tooth Extraction

Las Vegas, NV You may have heard the word "extraction" when it comes to dental care and wondered what it means. You might even have been told that you need to have a tooth extracted. It is not difficult to understand. Extracting a tooth is the fancy term for removing a tooth. Here at Nevada Oral & [...]

Simple And Surgical Tooth Extraction

What Is Tooth Extraction? When a tooth is removed or pulled, it’s called an extraction. Your oral surgeon may recommend tooth extraction if your tooth is decayed or eroded to the point where a filling or a crown would not solve the entire issue. When a tooth is extracted, the entire tooth is removed from its bone [...]


Las Vegas, NV CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. It is a process that has been around for decades in the manufacturing industry. Your home is full of CAD/CAM items, as is the car that you drive. While it has been around for a long time, it is only recently that CAD/CAM has [...]

Intraoral Camera

Las Vegas, NV When it comes to any type of dental procedure, it is essential that we can see what is going on and what we are doing. Looking inside of a mouth is not easy. Fortunately, there is a simple device that has made it simpler for us here at Nevada Oral & Facial [...]

3D Cone Beam

Las Vegas, NV Here at Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we always want to use the latest technologies and techniques to help you to heal faster and to have a better smile. That is why we are so excited about 3D cone beam scans. This incredible tool helps us to see the big pictures so that [...]

Why Get A Tooth Extraction If The Tooth Doesn’t Hurt

Many people don’t like the idea of getting their tooth extracted, except when it is painful. However, what if our dentist tells you that the tooth should be taken out when actually it is not in pain? It may be understandable when a dentist sees that you hesitate to agree to the tooth extraction procedure [...]

Complications That Stem From Not Treating A Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is painful enough – the last thing you need is a complication from it. If you suspect an abscess, you should be seen as soon as possible to get it treated. If you wait too long, you could end up in more pain, or worse yet, with an infection. What Is A [...]

Would Your Mouth Be A Good Candidate For All-On-4 Dentures?

If you are in need of dentures, but either aren’t a candidate for full on dental implants or you can’t afford them, then All-on-4 dentures might just be the perfect solution for your particular needs. Instead of implanting multiple anchors and attaching dental implants to each one, this option involves only four main anchor points [...]

What A Lump On Your Gums Could Mean?

Lumps on your gums are relatively common and are not necessarily a medical emergency. There are a variety of causes that are painless as well as extremely painful. Although most are harmless, there are a few that require immediate medical attention and should be taken care of as soon as possible. For those that are [...]

What To Do To Treat A Peg Tooth

Also known as microdontia, peg teeth is a dental condition where one or more of your teeth are smaller than normal, typically the third molars and upper lateral incisors. Often, peg incisors occur on both sides and have shorter roots than normally developed teeth. Many people haven’t heard of this condition or have simply thought [...]

What You Need To Do If You Find A Lump In Your Mouth

If you have discovered that you have a bump or growth in your mouth, it’s important to address it. If after 7-10 days it has not healed, changed, or gone away. It needs to be looked at. Bumps can be found in almost all the tissues in the oral cavity. The most common places there [...]

Sports Injuries Often Lead To Issues We Need To Treat

Participating in some other form of physical activity. All sorts of problems can arise from pucks, balls, sticks, bats, and helmets flying all around in all directions. Not to mention all of the various body parts that are sliding into bases, going up for rebounds, or going for tackles. Here are some of the ways [...]

Understanding The Basics Of TMD

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) attaches the jaws to the skull, facilitating movements in the mouth relating to eating, speaking, and other functions. It helps the lower jaws (mandibles) to pivot around the temporal bone on the side of the head. You can feel it in action by pressing your fingers to your cheeks right in [...]

How X-Rays Can Help Detect Early Forms Of Oral Cancer

We encourage that you schedule an oral screening for cancer each year. If we find a cancerous lesion or growth early, you are more likely to experience a successful outcome. When performing a screening, we use x-rays to check for the spread of the disease. The Screening Process Before x-rays are used, we check the [...]

Why Exercise Is Off Limits Immediately After Oral Surgery

While you may like to exercise to stay in shape, you need to take a couple days off from the activity after oral surgery. Participating in an extreme workout or in sports play can lead to dental problems at or around the surgery site. “Play” it safe by waiting to exercise if you have had [...]

Should You Use A Gum Stimulator After Being Treated For Gum Disease?

Using a gum stimulator is often advised by us after you have had treatment for gum disease. This rubber-tipped stimulator can help you get rid of plaque and massage the gum tissues for better dental health. We believe in preventative dental care, as it can save you a great deal of future expenses and headaches. [...]

Most Common Oral Surgeries We Perform

No one wants to have oral surgery if they can help it, but it is good to know our office can provide the expertise necessary to provide them in a comfortable environment which helps aid post-op healing. Just because they are common for our staff does not mean they feel common to our patients and [...]

What Is A Tuberosity Reduction?

Did that just send you to Google to find out what it is? It sounds weird, almost like a new catch phrase or some online social media provider. Unfortunately, it is not. A tuberosity is usually found behind the backmost molar in the upper jaw. It is a protrusion of tissue and is covered by [...]

Not Everyone Should Turn To Dental Implants

While dental implants provide a recognized solution for edentulous patients or people with a few missing teeth, they are not for everyone. The following information reveals why implants may fail or not succeed for some people. When Implants Are Not Recommended Several factors can affect the success of implant surgery. Therefore, these factors play a [...]

When To Find Out More About Gum Reshaping

Gum reshaping can be performed for cosmetic reasons, to improve the appearance of your smile, or for medical reasons, such as when your gums have receded due to periodontal disease. Read on to learn more about gum reshaping and to find out if it is right for you What Is Gum Reshaping? Gum reshaping, also [...]

What Is Causing Your TMD?

TMD is an acronym for temporomandibular disorders. These are disorders that may affect your jaw muscles, nerves associated with chronic facial pain, and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). In other words, TMD could be anything that interferes with the normal functioning of the complex system of your facial muscles and joints. It can be classified as myofascial [...]

Should You Sleep At An Angle To Recover From Oral Surgery?

If you have just had your wisdom teeth removed, other teeth extracted, or any other type of oral surgery, there are many things you need to keep in mind while you recover. What foods you can and cannot eat, how to clean the surgical site, and how to manage your pain are all key during [...]

Do You Know Why Your Jaw Is Swollen?

A lump or swelling near your jaw can cause your jaw to look fuller than usual. This may make it feel stiff, painful, and tender around the neck and face area, causing discomfort. Some of the potential causes of a swollen jaw include infections, injury to the tooth, and tooth abscess. Infections Usually, lymph nodes [...]

How All-On-4 Implants Can Be A Life-Changing Experience

For edentulous patients, All-on-4 implants have completely changed their lives. Not only do the dental restorations improve a patient’s facial profile, but they also make it easier for a patient to chew, eat, and speak. Therefore, for people with missing teeth, who no longer have their real teeth, All-on-4 implants, along with fixed dentures, do [...]

Is There A Surgery That Can Fix A Cleft Lip?

A very common birth defect, a cleft lip occurs when the soft tissue of the face and mouth do not fuse together correctly. The cleft lip often coincides with a cleft palate as well. In severe cases, the opening or rift can extend upward from the lip toward the nose. These can complicate things for [...]

What Are The Best Dental Implants To Get?

There are numerous applications for dental implants. They all offer an excellent solution to artificial teeth. Whether the patient has lost a single tooth due to trauma or decay or they are in the throes of periodontal disease, implants can offer a secure foundation for their dental appliances which can restore their teeth and jaw [...]

How Long Does It Take For Dental Implants To Heal?

Dental implants are one of the most effective and best ways to replace a missing tooth and ensure good oral health. However, for all its benefits, people tend to hesitate from getting these implants as they require a lot of time during the actual procedure as well as the recovery time afterward. So how long [...]

The Use Of Nitrous Oxide During Oral Surgery

It is understandable that the thought of getting oral surgery, no matter how simple, can make you feel anxious. According to dental surveys, a large number of Americans hesitate to get dental treatment because they are afraid of pain.At Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, we may offer you sedation dentistry, including the use of nitrous [...]

What Is Trigeminal Nerve Damage

The Trigeminal nerve is one of the nerves responsible for motor functions and sensations in the face. It is one of the most complex nerves in the human body, and is needed for functions such as biting or chewing. Patients may experience neurosensory deficits and facial pain if their trigeminal nerve is damaged. This damage [...]

Why You Should Always Come See Us After Any Type Of Automobile Accident

Automobile accidents are traumatic, shock-inducing events. The mental and physical shock you experience in response to the trauma of a car accident can actually cover up injuries you may have sustained, such as whiplash or a broken jaw. Plus, you might be so focused on sorting out the logistics of car repairs or insurance claims [...]

Never Try To Treat An Oral Abscess On Your Own

A tooth abscess refers to a pocket full of pus that occurs as a result of a bacterial infection. This condition can occur in different areas of the tooth due to various reasons. For example, a periapical abscess forms at the tip of the root, while a periodontal abscess forms at the tooth root or [...]

How Bruxism Guards We Make For You Protect Your Teeth

Tooth grinding is common in both adults and children and may go unnoticed over time. In adults, this condition links to stress and is more common in females than males. Whether new or lifelong, you need to seek treatment for this condition to prevent dental complications. Mouthguards and splints are among the treatment options we [...]

Contact Us Immediately If You Receive Facial Trauma

Facial trauma comprises injury on your facial region, including gums, teeth, jawbone, and skull. This trauma could result from sports, falls, interpersonal violence, work-related injuries, and motor vehicle accidents and may cause broken bones, swelling, excessive bleeding, and pain. If you experience facial trauma, you should contact us immediately for treatment to prevent complications that [...]

Symptoms Of A Broken Jaw

An injury to one or both joints connecting your lower jawbone to the skull can result in a fractured or broken jawbone. These joints are called temporomandibular joints (TMJ). If broken, you will experience difficulties with eating and breathing; hence, the need to seek treatment. Causes Of A Broken Jaw Facial trauma is a major [...]

Symptoms To Expect If You Have TMD

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) is a broad term which refers to problems associated with the muscles, nerves, and joints of the temporomandibular joint. This joint connects the jawbone to the skull on either side of your face. If you have TMD, you will have some obvious symptoms associated with this dysfunction. Signs Of TMD Signs [...]

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is something that can affect anyone regardless of gender, race, or age. It is a potentially deadly disorder that affects patients as they sleep. In many instances, patients are unaware they have it. There are a variety of different treatment options available to treat it and alleviate the symptoms associated with it. Sleep [...]

Can We Repair Your Teeth If You Grind Your Teeth In Your Sleep

Grinding causes various impacts on your teeth. Continued grinding will expose your tooth enamel, making it vulnerable to bacteria. This increases the risk of conditions like tooth decay and dental cavities. It could also loosen your tooth, and, in some cases, cause fractures. This is why it is very important to have your tooth repaired [...]

Why Do Our Cheeks Swell Following Oral Surgery?

There are various side effects of an oral surgery. Apart from the headaches and pain, you might also experience swollen cheeks. These should not worry you since it is a normal body reaction. However, you need to know the extent and the cause to know when it is a dental emergency. Read on to understand [...]

Does Every Mouth Have Bony Growths?

Exostosis is a condition where you experience abnormal bone growth in your mouth. As much as this condition isn’t a cause of concern in many cases, it is important to have it checked by our professionals. This is because bony growths can interfere with oral functioning and denture placement. The good news is that you [...]

Piercings Can Damage Your Teeth, Gums, Or Overall Oral Health

Even though piercings are a form of expressing beauty and personality, oral piercings like those on the lip, tongue, and cheek can cause serious damage to your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Therefore, it is very important to consider these complications before getting piercings or continuing to keep them. Read on for more details [...]

What Are The Suggestions For A Healthier Smile?

Many people look forward to getting their teeth cleaned simply because they want a brighter smile. They also hope that their dentist will not realize how often they neglect to observe oral hygiene. However, oral hygiene is more than just a matter of appearance. Having healthy teeth and gums might assist to safeguard the overall [...]

Common Causes Of Tooth Loss And What To Do

When you have dental health conditions, it can lead to you having discomfort and this can impact your general body health. Therefore, maintaining oral health is significant and you should make visits to the dentist’s office to ensure that you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. One of the reasons why you might have optimal [...]

The Importance Of An Oral Surgeon

Most people with dentists do not see the importance of having oral surgeons. Oral surgeons are different from dentists in that the first are specialists while the latter are generalists. Oral surgeons are more experienced in surgical procedures. They are also well equipped to deal with numerous complications that might arise during procedures. In other [...]

Damage Dehydration Can Cause Following Oral Surgery

Staying hydrated is very important after undergoing an oral surgery. In fact, if you want a faster recovery, you should drink sufficient water. Without a sufficient supply of water, you will feel fatigued and dizzy. Furthermore, dehydration can cause significant damage after an oral surgery. Bacteria Presence Dehydration means your mouth won’t have enough saliva. [...]

Most Common Types Of Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial surgery entails the procedures that facilitate the treatment of abnormalities affecting the face. The conditions they treat are pretty specific, so we have compiled some of the most common types of craniofacial surgeries in order to explain how they can be beneficial to a patient. Craniosynostosis Treatment Craniosynostosis is a condition that affects the [...]

How Cosmetic Dentistry Helps Improve Your Career

Given the level of technological advancements in the cosmetic dentistry field, now more people than ever can experience the smile they always wished for. Most people do not know how your smile influences the development and growth of your career, but it plays an important role in keeping your self-confidence up while communicating with your [...]

Tips For Recovering Smoothly After An Oral Surgery

Oral surgeries may seem daunting to some patients, but in reality, there is nothing to worry about as long as you follow a couple set guidelines. Here, we have compiled some tips to help you understand what to do to have a smooth recovery from an oral surgery. Rest After Your Dental Surgery Your body [...]

Covid-19 And Dental Health

The last two years have been challenging for people across the world as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on many systems. The medical profession was subsequently affected, as more people sought assistance with complications from the various diseases. With the virus spreading, it was time for medical practitioners including dentists to find innovative and effective [...]

Is Bonding As Good As Veneers?

When you want to have a perfect smile, your teeth have to be in pristine condition. If you feel like the state of your teeth is impeding your perfect smile, a visit to the dentist’s office will be a vital first step. At the dentist’s office, you will get several options that can improve the [...]

The Scope Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) is a dentistry specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, surgical, and adjunctive treatment of injuries, diseases, and defects that involve the aesthetics and functional aspects of the soft and hard tissue of the oral and maxillofacial region. Dentistry has a range of specialties, and oral and maxillofacial surgery serves as [...]

What Are The Signs Of Maxillofacial Cancer?

Many people mistake maxillofacial cancer for other common problems like cold or toothache. It may start as bleeding sores that never go away. Maxillofacial cancer mainly affects the tongue, lips, sinuses, cheeks, mouth’s floor, throat, and soft and hard palate. If not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, it can spread very fast to [...]

What Is The Difference Between Cosmetic And Restorative Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is usually performed on people with no medical conditions. Its main intention is to enhance your body’s appearance and shape rather than restore. In some instances, the surgery helps treat some conditions that have occurred due to other medical conditions, which are no longer there. Your body shape and image can greatly affect [...]

Why Get A Tooth Extraction If The Tooth Doesn’t Hurt

Many people don’t like the idea of getting their tooth extracted, except when it is painful. However, what if our dentist tells you that the tooth should be taken out when actually it is not in pain? It may be understandable when a dentist sees that you hesitate to agree to the tooth extraction procedure [...]

Should I Get A Sinus Lift Procedure?

Patients scheduled to receive dental implants may need a sinus lift procedure. It is a surgery needed in preparation for implants. Not everyone, though, needs a sinus lift for successful implant placement. A dentist will help determine if you need the surgery or not. Do I Need A Sinus Lift? Perhaps you may ask; how [...]

Oral Braces

Braces are dental tools that help correct problems with your teeth, like crowding, crooked teeth, or teeth that are out of alignment. Many people get braces when they’re teenagers, but adults get them too. As you wear them, braces slowly straighten and align your teeth, so you have a normal bite. The use of devices [...]

Specialties Which Are Associated With Oral Maxillofacial Surgery.

Maxillofacial and oral surgeons are trained in areas of specialty, and they can remain generalists mostly they prefer choosing to specialize in one or more fields. Some of the surgical procedures that an oral maxillofacial surgeon can perform include neck and head cancer, where they remove the tumor and reconstruct the body parts, and surgery [...]

Trends In Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Treatment

Over the past few decades, the field of Oral and maxillofacial surgery has taken some massive steps and breakthroughs to the invention of new technology and practice that have since been popularized and perfected. New techniques and technology have helped improve surgical outcomes and treatment. Increasing awareness of OMS due to social media influence has [...]

Dental Implants Performed

Dental implants are types of tooth replacements that provide strong root foundations for permanent and removable replaced teeth (the teeth which got lost due to accidents or periodontal disease). A missing tooth affects your quality of life as it inhibits one’ ability to chew well and influences speech output. Dental implants help rejuvenate your confidence. [...]

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the repetitive collapsing of the upper airway, partially or wholly, during sleep. OSA stems from the excessive relaxation of the soft tissues in the throat— majorly the soft palate or the tongue. Other causatives include a bulky tongue volume, chunky tonsils, and the protraction of the soft palate, an unusual [...]

TMJ And Facial Pain

Experiencing pain in your face and jaw can be awful and even worse when you have no idea the root cause of the discomfort. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a hinge-like joint that connects your upper and lower jawbones. If this joint is not working correctly, you may have signs of a disorder that affects [...]

What You Need To Know About Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is an exclusive specialty that combines dental and medical science. This specialty treats medical problems and conditions related to teeth, jaws, mouth, and face. Typically, the operations involved include trauma surgery, reconstructive surgery, and other dental procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction and dental implants. Specialists who perform such procedures must [...]

Everyday Dental Habits That Will Save Your Natural Teeth

Taking care of the teeth is essential to prevent cavities, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, tartar, or infection. Natural teeth and health factors that cause dental issues include diet, hygiene, and dental products such as toothpaste and whitening. That is why building better hygiene habits to improve oral health is essential. Some of these habits include: Avoid [...]

When Is Socket Preservation Needed?

When a dentist removes a tooth, whether an impacted wisdom tooth or a severely decayed molar, the procedure leaves a small gap where the tooth once was. This hollow, known as the socket, can be very sensitive initially, so your dentist may recommend socket preservation along with the extraction. What Is Socket Preservation? It is [...]

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Tooth loss is a common problem across the country despite the numerous improvements in dental care—the causes of tooth loss range from tooth decay to injury and periodontal disease, among many others. Over the years, the only treatment options for missing teeth were dentures and bridges. However, recent advancements in dental care have resulted in [...]

Oral Surgeon Versus Periodontist

Knowing the difference between an oral surgeon and a periodontist is vital in helping a patient to understand who will handle his dental case and booking a suitable appointment since both perform dental procedures but specializes in various aspects of dentistry. Oral Surgeon An Oral surgeon performs surgical procedures related to the jaw, face, and [...]

Which Is Better Tooth Extraction Or Root Canal?

You may be anxious about your look if you have a severe toothache. However, thanks to modern dentistry, numerous options might help you feel better and restore your smile to its healthy form. What Occurs In Root Canal Treatment? A root canal is a dental therapy done when a tooth’s pulp becomes infected or inflamed [...]

What Do Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons Do?

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons or OMS, are the dental industry’s go-to experts for sophisticated surgical operations. OMSs are uniquely qualified to treat a wide range of disorders affecting the mouth, teeth, jaws, and face due to their advanced degrees, surgical experience, and knowledge of facial aesthetics and function. Many people’s first encounter with an OMS [...]


After oral surgery, it is crucial to get enough sleep and rest. By doing so, you are allowing your body to heal so that you can go about your daily activities.Sleeping after oral surgery can be uncomfortable. The following are 5 tips to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Keep Your Head Elevated For [...]

Reasons To Consider Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are often the last to grow. Sometimes they erupt normally and do not cause any problems. However, they can come with a handful of problems. Below are five reasons why you should consider having your wisdom teeth removed. To Create Space In Your Jaw As they are the last to develop, wisdom teeth [...]

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Tooth Extraction

Many oral issues such as throbbing pain, impacted wisdom teeth, or tooth fracture can lead to tooth removal. Even though tooth extraction is a fairly common dental procedure, most people don't know how long it will take for them to recover. At Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery, and canbreak down everything you need to know [...]

What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is one of the most recognizable dental health problems, but also one that is easily avoidable. It is a common ailment for the elderly, teenagers, and children due to different factors. If you fail to treat tooth decay in the early stages it can quickly progress to tooth cavities, which are holes that [...]

What Is Dental Alveolar Surgery

Dentistry is a wide field. With different specialties. When you come to the clinic you will find different professionals who specialize in the treatment of different conditions. After your examination, the dentist can recommend referring your case to a more specialized professional for effective treatment. One of these is dental alveolar surgery that requires the [...]

Can You Brush Your Teeth Too Hard?

Brushing your teeth on a daily basis is one of the best ways to ensure that you have good oral hygiene. Doing so in conjunction with flossing and regular visits to the dentist make up the best oral care routine. However, is it possible that you can brush your teeth too hard? In this article [...]