Tips for Surviving Your Summertime Wisdom Tooth Removal

We know that getting your wisdom teeth removed can wreak havoc on your schedule, but getting the procedure done during a week of barbecues, graduation parties, and family get-togethers can also throw a wrench in your enjoyment of summertime festivities.

Tips for Surviving Your Summertime Wisdom Tooth Removal

Even though the foods and drinks at a festival or get-together are certainly tempting, your recovery should be your top priority. Thinking about drinking after your wisdom teeth removal? Unfortunately, wisdom tooth removal and alcohol don’t always mix.

Take it easy the first few days after your wisdom tooth procedure

You may be feeling a bit swollen and sore after your surgery, so it’s unlikely that you’ll feel up to drinking alcohol. Depending on how long after your surgery you’re offered a drink, you may want to consider whether or not there is a sedative in your bloodstream that could interact negatively with alcohol. Regardless of your party schedule, it’s preferable that patients stay home and rest instead of painting the town red.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests patients stick to cold and soft foods like applesauce or ice pops. These not only help numb the pain and soothe inflammation, but they are also easy to consume without chewing. If you’ve only had wisdom teeth removed on one side, try chewing on the side of your mouth opposite your extraction site.

Drinking alcohol after your wisdom tooth procedure

Whatever you’re drinking, in the days after your it’s important to avoid using a straw; doing so causes a suction effect that can disrupt the clotting process needed to stop the natural bleeding after your procedure.

After giving yourself at least a day to rest, if you find yourself at a party or summer celebration, be cautious before you indulge. Although drinking after wisdom teeth removal may seem and if you’re still taking pain medication, mixing the two could cause problems more severe than the healing wound in your oral cavity.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, medicines commonly prescribed to manage pain after a wisdom tooth extraction can be very dangerous when mixed with alcohol. In addition to causing liver damage, you can make yourself more susceptible to falls or injuries or become too impaired.

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