Send Your Teen to College with a New Smile

If you’re one of the tens of millions of parents who celebrated your teen’s high school graduation earlier this summer, it’s likely your summer has been full of lists and plans in preparation for your son or daughter’s freshman day of college. In addition to making opening bank accounts, making travel arrangements, and picking meal plans, you may also want to consider a summertime wisdom tooth removal.

Preparing Your Child for Life Away from Home: A Practical Guide

There’s no doubt that leaving home for college is one of the most major milestones in any young person’s life. In consideration of this event, it’s imperative that parents prepare their college students with practical skills and knowledge that will help them survive and thrive in their new environment, regardless of where that environment is.

Teach your teen to launder their own laundry…ALL of it

Do you do your teen’s laundry? Not this summer. Instead take the opportunity to teach your teen how to sort and wash their clothing, sheets, and towels. Though your child may not appreciate it at the time, when they find themselves answering friends’ questions about how to wash delicates, they’ll be grateful for the skill.

Does your baby know the basics of banking?

One of the most fundamental life skills your child will need is a basic understanding of how banking works. From basics like how to use an ATM/Debit card and how to write a check to scheduling online payments, saving money and balancing their checking account, having these skills will save your child from future financials headaches. And, just for fun, ask them to show you how to use Venmo.

Prepare your teen for public transportation

Helping your teen navigate the nuances and frustrations of public transportation will not only make them better travelers, but it will also make them safer ones too. While many teens go off to school without a car, they most college campuses and towns have a public transportation offerings like buses, subways, and trains. If your teen isn’t taking the car keys this fall, teach them how to get around in the mode of public transportation they will be using most; then take the car keys away for a few weeks so they can get comfortable.

Teach your teen the basics of self-care

From basic cooking skills to managing important appointments, empower your teen be letting them manage their check-ups, eye doctor, and dental appointments this summer. If your college student hasn’t gone in for his or her wisdom tooth removal appointment yet, we’re offering free consultations to all of our wisdom tooth patients until the end of the August.

Oral Surgeons Who Understand Your Family’s Needs

Help your teen call us today to schedule their free consultation! From state of the art facilities to a medical travel concierge service, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons are equipped with the tools and knowledge to make your teen’s summertime wisdom tooth removal a breeze.