How Much Does Oral Surgery Cost?

Do you need oral surgery? If so, you’re likely wondering how much the surgery will cost. This is a common question that anyone facing oral surgery is bound to ask themselves. However, there is no simple way to answer this question because the price varies depending on what type of oral surgery you need, the oral surgeon you see as well as other factors. In this article, we at Nevada Oral and Facial surgery will take a look at estimated prices for common oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery procedures.

How Much Does Oral Surgery Cost?

The most significant factor that determines how much the oral and maxillofacial surgery will cost is whether or not you have health or dental insurance. In most cases, your insurance will cover the cost of your oral surgery. However, sometimes people who need oral surgery either don’t have insurance that is comprehensive enough to cover the dental work or they simply don’t have insurance.

Other factors that determine the cost of oral surgery include the amount of experience the oral and maxillofacial surgeon has, their location and the difficulty of the procedure. It’s important to remember that many of the issues that require surgery need immediate attention and it’s unwise to wait to see an oral surgeon until you can afford it. You need to see one immediately.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The most common oral surgery procedure is wisdom teeth extraction and is typically needed when you have impacted wisdom teeth. If you don’t have insurance, the typical price for wisdom teeth removal ranges from $150 to $350 per tooth. This estimated price doesn’t include the other costs that your dental visit might include such as digital x-rays, sedation (general anesthesia) and other oral surgery necessities. If you do have insurance, your insurance may absorb the cost entirely, cover 50% of the procedure or only require you to pay a co-pay. However, that is entirely dependent on the conditions of your dental insurance policy.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another common oral surgery procedure and one of the most expensive types of oral surgery, but if you’ve lost teeth due to an injury, tooth decay or for some other reason, they’re an absolute necessity. Without insurance, a three or four tooth dental implant can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. If you need a full set of implants for both your upper and lower teeth, the price will range anywhere from $25,000 to $95,000. The price may also vary depending on the condition of your gums, your jaw bone and your existing teeth.

If you do have dental insurance, the cost of dental implants is greatly reduced. Insurance policies typically cover 50% of the procedure until you reach your deductible, after which they absorb the entire cost. As you can see, the cost of oral and maxillofacial surgery varies, and because we don’t know your dental history or the exact details or type of surgical procedure you need, we can only provide an estimate.

The best way to find out exactly how much your surgery will cost is to contact an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, such as Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery in Las Vegas and schedule an appointment. We offer a wide range of oral surgery procedures, including wisdom tooth extraction, jaw surgery, dental implants, reconstructive surgery and complete smile makeovers.