Fund Your Way to a Healthy Mouth: Exploring Financial Options for Your Oral Surgery

There’s no doubt skyrocketing medical costs are a concern for families across America. Fortunately, our family oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics can help you find dental implant financing.

Finding Financing Options for Your Oral Surgery

If the cost of dental treatment or surgery is preventing you from getting the dental care you need, try talking to your oral and maxillofacial surgeon about their financial policies and payment options. At Nevada and Oral Facial Surgery, we believe that access to care is imperative, which is why we accept most major insurances in addition to offering several financing options that can make your treatment much more affordable.

Start by going to your Las Vegas oral surgeon

The process of financing your oral surgery begins with getting a thorough estimate of how much your procedure will cost—and that means going to see your oral and maxillofacial surgeon. After your initial consultation, you should be provided with a line-by-line breakdown of the services you’ll need for your procedure. This will include X-rays, anesthesia, cost of the work itself, and any medications or equipment you’ll need after your oral surgery.

Contact your insurance company about how much is covered

If you have dental insurance, call your provider to see how much of the cost will be covered. Your insurance company should give you a close estimate of how much you’ll owe out of pocket, but generally, cosmetic dentistry is not covered by insurance. Your dentist can appeal to your provider, though, if a cosmetic procedure is necessary.

Ask questions before you spend a dime on dental implant financing

Although this isn’t the case for every practice, when you work with our experienced team of dental professionals, you’ll never be blindsided by unforeseen oral surgery costs. During your initial consultation, you receive a detailed treatment plan that includes all cost information pertinent to the procedure.

During that time, make sure you ask any questions you have about insurance co-pays and other costs that may be reimbursable to you. If you are uninsured or need to explore alternative financing options, be sure to ask about what your next steps will be.

Get financing based on your needs

Although there are a variety of third party financing options available to patients, if you have a low credit score or unstable credit history, you may not be eligible for certain financing options. At Nevada and Oral Facial Surgery, we designed our financial policy with your needs in mind; that’s why we accept several third-party financing options.

Our financing partners can help you manage your dental health costs while you get the care you need.

Third party financing options accepted by our practice:

Quality Dental Care You Can Afford

At Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery, we offer a wide array of dental financing options that are designed with your needs in mind. If you think you may need a dental implant or oral surgery, get the quality care you deserve from our board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons by calling our offices to schedule a consultation today.