Can I Have Coffee after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

At Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery, we’re no strangers to the pain and discomfort that often comes with having an oral surgery, even routine procedures like a wisdom tooth removal. After your procedure, the restrictions on your diet necessary for your mouth to heal may seem limiting or unappealing.

Can I Drink Coffee After My Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Fortunately for coffee lovers, your caffeine withdrawal symptoms won’t last too long. While oral surgeons typically recommend that you avoid hot drinks immediately after your surgery, a simple iced or lukewarm coffee (without the straw, of course) the day after your surgery is just fine.

During the 24 hours immediately after your wisdom tooth extraction, the oral surgeon will instruct you to stay away from hot beverages and foods like soup or coffee because the hot liquid may dislodge the clot that needs to form for your wound to begin healing.

Keep It Cool After Your Summertime Wisdom Tooth Removal

Although you’re safe when it comes to getting your caffeine fix from a cup of warm (not hot) coffee, remember to stay away from sweet, acidic, or carbonated drinks that may tempt you during your recovery.

Stick to oral surgeon approved beverages

If you’re one of the many who underwent a wisdom tooth removal over the summer, you’ll be glad to know cold, and delicious treats like smoothies and shakes (without seeds) rank high on the list of recommended beverages. Fortunately, there are dozens of tasty—and cool—drinks and snack recipes that are not only delicious but oral surgeon approved.

Approximately one in eight adults has sensitive teeth in America. That means that for you, drinking a cold milkshake may not rank high your list of ideal foods. Fortunately, lukewarm drinks are also highly recommended by dental healthcare professionals. Drinking lukewarm beverages like coffee, clear soups, and tea not only help relieve nerve pain, they also help ease inflammation.

Free Wisdom Tooth Consultation Anytime This Summer

If you are unsure if you are a candidate for wisdom tooth removal, our offices are offering free wisdom tooth consultations all summer long! As longtime Las Vegas oral surgeons with roots in the community, we’ll treat you just like family.