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Why Choose Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery?

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons bring more than two decades of experience to the practice and have completed advanced education, training, and certification programs throughout their career. We have university instructors on staff and host study clubs, symposiums, and other educational events throughout the year. We were selected to be the oral and facial surgeons of the Vegas Golden Knights. We take care of any traumatic injury to the team. Become a patient at our oral surgery clinic office to enjoy a high standard of care you won’t find anywhere else. Our educated treatment coordinators, highly trained office staff, and experienced oral surgeons in Las Vegas are here to take care of you every step of the way.

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Our patients are the heart of our practice. We treat our patients as we would our families.

Advanced Technologies

Our office is equipped with several advanced technologies and digital equipment that help us provide a superior level of care with greater comfort and ease. We use Planmeca’s advanced and patented imaging technology allowing for precise imaging and following the As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) radiation principle. Only the best and safest for our patients! We use digital impressions of people’s mouths and teeth. This eliminates the old-fashioned impression materials.

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Highly-Trained Team

Our practice stands apart from the rest with a team of highly trained professionals and a modern environment. Our surgeons, dental implant specialist, and facial surgery experts are here to customize a treatment plan that will help you maintain optimal oral health for life!

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Comprehensive Approach

Whether an oral surgeon or a facial trauma specialist is treating you, you can count on us to use a comprehensive approach to ensure optimal results. We will address all underlying issues to prevent further dental problems and can even relieve dental anxiety with our sedation dentistry services.

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Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery Doctors

Why Choose a Board-Certified Oral Surgeon?

Our board-certified oral surgeons have completed many years of advanced training beyond dental school. In order to qualify, our doctors graduated from an accredited dental school and completed an oral and maxillofacial residency program approved by the American Dental Association Commission in Dental Accreditation – an additional 13 years of post-high school education and training.

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Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery Doctors

“I was referred to Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery by my dentist when I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed. My experience was flawless from start to finish! Making an appointment was simple (which is a big deal when it comes to medical offices), and the ladies at the front desk were very helpful in getting my paperwork together.  The entire office staff is kind and friendly, and Dr. Johnson was fantastic! During my consultation, he went over my x-rays, explained the procedure, and gave me a full picture of what I could expect on procedure day.  I was even able to make a last-minute appointment post-procedure when I had some concerns.  Dr. Johnson was very understanding and addressed all of my concerns right away. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great oral surgeon and hassle-free experience.”

Hailey F.

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