How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Surgery Take?

Wisdom teeth surgery comes with a lot of questions. Patients often wonder how they’ll know when it’s time to have their wisdom teeth removed, how long recovery will last, and what they should do to minimize complications. Something that doesn’t usually come to mind until patients are headed to the oral surgeon’s office is how long the actual wisdom tooth extraction surgery takes.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery Is Pretty Speedy

Wisdom tooth extraction surgeries can be performed on one to four teeth. Obviously, that creates a variety of surgery lengths. However, the majority of time is spent preparing the patient and patient’s mouth. Extracting all four wisdom teeth usually takes around one hour.

What happens during the procedure?How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Surgery Take?

Oral surgeons use one of three types of anesthesia when performing wisdom teeth surgery. Local anesthesia is the method dentists use when giving a filling. You’ll be awake, but unable to feel any pain in the area being worked on.

Another sedation option is general anesthesia. It is inhaled through the nose and causes patients to lose consciousness. The surgical team will monitor medication, breathing, temperature, fluids, and blood pressure when a patient is under general anesthesia.

Most commonly, patients receive sedation anesthesia during a wisdom teeth removal surgery. The anesthesia is given through an IV in the arm. It suppresses consciousness during the procedure while a local anesthesia is used to numb gums.

Once a patient is sedated, the oral surgeon makes an incision in the gum to expose tooth and bone. All bone that blocks access to the tooth is removed. After the tooth is able to be maneuvered, it is removed along with any debris. Finally, the oral surgeon stitches the wound closed and begins work on the next tooth.

Time to wake up!

Once the procedure is over, the sedation will begin to wear off, and the patient will wake up. You will be taken to a recovery room while you gain consciousness. Hopefully, someone who loves you is waiting to drive you home.

The anesthesia will continue to make you feel very strange for most of the day. The next few days will consist of gradual recovery that requires rest and pain medication. Be sure to line up some help for the first day or two after surgery.

Schedule Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction Now

If you are experiencing symptoms of needing a wisdom tooth extraction, be quick to make an appointment with Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery. Find the next few vacation days you have and schedule an appointment right away.

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