Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Nearly 85% of adults have had their wisdom teeth removed. That overwhelming majority might have you wondering, “What is the importance of wisdom teeth?” “Is there a reason for wisdom teeth?” “If so, how do these people make it after wisdom teeth removal?”

What Is the Importance of Wisdom Teeth?

Our earliest ancestors lived off of a very different diet than we do today. They ate rougher, more coarse food including raw meat, nuts, leaves, roots, etc. Living off of that diet required very different qualities than humans have now, including wisdom teeth.

Larger jaws made wisdom teeth more comfortableWhy Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Our ancestors had larger jaws that could accommodate the extra teeth needed to break down the types of food they were eating. As humans evolved and started cooking meals and cutting food into smaller pieces, our jaws became smaller. As you may have experienced, smaller jaws don’t leave much room for the extra set of molars that most people still have.

Our ancestors relied heavily on having more teeth and larger jaws to survive. Having more teeth was important not just for chewing tougher foods, but also for living with missing teeth. Tooth loss, while still a problem today, was a much larger problem for our ancestors. Having extra teeth was important because they were living without oral surgeons readily available to provide dental implants.

Spiritual meaning of wisdom teeth

Some people believe that wisdom teeth exist for a reason and shouldn’t be removed if they aren’t causing trouble. We’ve found that it’s unlikely that they won’t cause trouble, but still. Here’s another theory of why we have wisdom teeth.

Some also believe in a spiritual meaning behind wisdom teeth. They were put in our mouths for a reason by a creator or the universe. Believers in holistic practices place value in remaining the way we are born, wisdom teeth included. There are also reports of ear issues or nerve damage after wisdom teeth removal that some blame on the spiritual/natural necessity of the teeth.

Learn if You Would Benefit From Wisdom Teeth Removal

Thankfully, we no longer live in ancient times. Our Las Vegas oral surgeons are here for you. If you need your wisdom teeth extracted, dental implants, or any other oral surgery procedure, contact us. Schedule a consultation with our experienced doctors at Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery to get your new smile today.

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