How to Sleep after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your doctor is going to prepare you for what to expect before and after your wisdom teeth removal surgery. However, you may find yourself with unexpected questions once you’re feeling very unnatural, and your mouth is filled with gauze. We know the common problems our patients feel less prepared for, and we are going to help. First up, how are you supposed to get some sleep?

Sleeping after Wisdom Teeth Removal

How do I sleep after wisdom teeth removal?

Directly after surgery, rest with your head elevated. Either lay on your back with pillows built up under your head and back, or spend a few hours in your dad’s recliner. Find a comfortable position with your head and shoulders above the level of your heart.

You may remove gauze about 30 minutes after you are released from the surgeon’s care. As long as bleeding doesn’t increase, you can carry on without gauze. It is helpful if you can stay awake for the first 30 minutes in order to reduce choking hazards while you sleep.

How long do I sleep sitting up after wisdom teeth removal?

The first day of recovery should consist of a lot of elevated sleeping. We recommend that the second day does, too. Continue resting with your head elevated until you start feeling like yourself, all bleeding has stopped, and you’re able to eat more than a few bites at a time.

Can I sleep on my side after wisdom teeth removal?How to Sleep after Wisdom Teeth Removal

On the first day of recovery, we recommend staying in a more upright position on your back or sitting up completely. This will stop blood from being encouraged by gravity as it would if you were on your side. After day one, if it is comfortable, feel free to lay on your side. Just continue to keep your upper body elevated. It isn’t likely that laying half-elevated on your side is going to be very comfortable, though.

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