Celebrating Transformative Dentistry: Annual Oral Surgery Symposium

At Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery, we pride ourselves on offering our patients and our community the highest standard of care possible. From our experienced team of highly trained experts to our board certified oral surgeons and our state of the art technology, we strongly believe in the power of dentistry to transform the lives of our patients.

Transforming Lives Daily…and Annually

Every year Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery invites dentists and hygienists across the Vegas valley to join us for an annual symposium to learn about transformative dentistry through innovation and greater predictability to change patients’ lives. This year’s symposium focused on providing our community of dentists and hygienists with the latest on the technological advances that are changing the landscape of dental care. From the latest CAD technology improving guided oral surgeries to new intramural scanning technology, our symposium helped paint a picture for what the future of dentistry and patient care will look like.

Speaking from experience

For this year’s oral surgery symposium, we invited a panel of six experts from across the country to discuss the challenges and the technological advances that have to potential to drastically improve the standard of care that treatment teams are able to offer our patients.

Intraoral scanning with new technology

Our very own Las Vegas and Henderson-based oral surgeons Dr. Brendan Johnson and Dr. Gregory Hunter led the first lecture of the symposium. Not only did they introduce attendees to the latest technology of intramural scanning combined with 3D virtual planning, but they also talked about how to applying these technologies are as a way to provide patients with the highest quality outcomes.

Restoratively Driven Implant Failures: Problems and Solutions

Dr. Alfonso Pineyro is an experienced lecturer who has been trained in complex esthetics and cosmetic surgery. His lecture highlighted problems that practitioners may experience when it comes to cement selector, application techniques and implant abatement design.

Utilizing Digital Workflows for a Seamless Patient Experience

Adam McCarville has worked with Dental Designs as an Implant and CAD/CAM specialist for the past 10 years. Mr. McCarville shared his extensive knowledge of implant design to help dentist and hygienists from around the valley understand the steps involved in the digital workflow of designing and applying implants. His lecture highlighted tips for implementing the digital workflow from the surgeon to the lab to the office—all to create a seamless patient experience.

Maintaining Implant Health

Dr. Sanda Molodvan is an internationally recognized speaker, award-winning periodontist, author and consultant on oral health. Her lecture introduced attendees to the latest techniques in establishing long-term health regimes for dental implants. She also introduced a variety of restorative treatments that teams can immediately apply to their patient care regimes.

Putting Patients First

Nobel Biocare is the world’s leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations in implant-based dental restorations. Nobel Biocare is committed to helping dental professionals solve complex challenges improve the quality of life for patients around the world. Our guest lecturer from Nobel, Ms. Brooke Albright, highlighted several case studies that doctors and treatment teams can apply to their own treatment plans to improve their standard of patient care.

Let Our Team of Experts Transform Your Mouth…and Your Life.

Every doctor on our team brings more than two decades of experience to the practice. As dedicated health professionals, our surgeons have all completed advanced education, training, and certification programs throughout their careers to bring our patients the latest and greatest in patient care. Schedule your consultation toda

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