What Age Do Wisdom Teeth Come in?

The third set of molars has become affectionately known as a person’s wisdom teeth. Due to serious and painful complications that usually accompany their arrival, that’s basically where the affection ends. Still, the name is a great way to remember when you or your child should expect them to appear. The set of teeth was given its name because it begins erupting between ages 17 and 25. That was once seen as the period of time people gain wisdom.

Wisdom Teeth Development Period

Although the second set of molars doesn’t come in until around age 12, wisdom teeth begin forming at age 10. After the second set comes in, there is a longer waiting period than between any other tooth development. As the wisdom teeth develop, it feels like not much is going on in the mouth for five to 13 years!

Check on your wisdom teeth before they make themselves known.What Age Do Wisdom Teeth Come in?

It is likely that when the teeth finally begin erupting, they will cause some pain. The wisdom tooth pain will continue until the teeth are removed. To avoid that rude awakening, visit your dentist during the waiting period between the second and third set of molars.

At a visit to the dentist’s office, your doctor will be able to perform x-rays periodically to monitor the development of your wisdom teeth. It is even possible that you don’t have a full set of molars back there!

Wisdom teeth have lost their purpose.

Anthropologists believe that the third set of molars was necessary for the diet of our ancestors. They are important for beginning digestion of coarse foods. Humans were once confined to a diet of mostly leaves, roots, nuts, and meats. Rough foods like those require more molars to break them down.

Now that we have utensils and softer food, the teeth have no purpose. Combine a lack of purpose with a wealth of other trouble, and it’s pretty clear wisdom teeth removal is a good choice. Our bodies have even picked up on it. Some people nowadays never develop a full third set of molars.

Don’t wait until they come in to get them out.

Welcome your wisdom teeth with an eviction notice. The best time for wisdom teeth extraction is when the roots are ⅔ formed. Patients are usually 15 to 18 years old at this stage of development. Extraction at a young age lowers risk of surgery complication, makes surgery easier, and shortens recovery time. Studies show that the risk of complications and disease rise significantly after age 25. The earlier the useless teeth are taken, the better!

If you’re wise, you’ll make an appointment now.

Contact your dentist to begin the process. Trust us; you don’t want to wait until the pain begins. Make an appointment with Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery for a smooth wisdom tooth extraction. We work hard to minimize complications and recovery time for our patients. Visit our page to read testimonials and tips!

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